Defending Unity : Haryana’s Administrative Vigilance in the face of Communal Unrest

Defending Unity : Haryana’s Administrative Vigilance in the face of Communal Unrest

By Anubha Khan

In the aftermath of the disturbing communal violence that recently rocked Nun and various parts of Haryana, the State Government has demonstrated decisive and commendable administrative action to preserve the communal harmony and uphold the principles of inclusivity and unity This proactive approach not only sends a clear message against divisive actions but also underscores Government’s dedication to the bui ding up of a harmonious society for all.

By swiftly issuing show-cause notice against gram panchayats and Sarpanches who passed resolutions or issued etters to restrict the entry of Muslims into their villages, the Haryana administration firmly addressed the situation, emphasizing the importance of maintaining communal harmony and preventing further tensions. This action aligns with Section 51 of the Haryana Gram Panchayati Raj Act, enabling the suspension and removal of Sarpanches or Panches involved in activities that disrupt communal harmony or violate the law’s principles.

A standout example of administrative commitment came from Rewan, where District Magistrate Mohd Imran Raza, an IAS officer played a pivota role in addressing the communal situation. Confirming the issuance of show cause notices to concerned Gram Panchayats and Sarpanches, Deputy Commissioner Raza underscored the significance of holding individuals accountable. Further, the Government’s readiness to register FIRs against those disturbing the peace reinforced its commitment in maintaining communal harmony. Swift arrest of Babu Bajrangi from Fandabad by the Haryana police exemplified the supremacy of the rule of aw.

The administration’s willingness to take necessary actions including registration of FiRs, highlights its dedication in maintaining communa harmony and fostering an environment of unity and inclusivity. As Haryana continues to progress, this swift administrative response stands as a shining example of responsible governance in the face of challenges that threaten communa! peace.

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